JGM evolved out of the leadership of its founder, Carey K. Jenkins, and a subsequent collaboration with a bright team of professionals led by Earl E. Gales, Jr. JGM has grown to merge the talents of architects, planners, engineers, urban designers and construction specialists.


Our approach is augmented by an emphasis on project management, physical planning, construction management, computer modeling and market analysis, a strategy that provides us with a wealth of comprehensive, innovative solutions. We offer professional services in six major categories: Project Management and Control, Urban Design and Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering, Transportation and Transit Management, Urban and Regional Analysis and Planning. Our broad experience in major cities throughout the United States has positioned JGM to articulate the vision and promise of the new Mega city. As our society emerges into the 21st century, JGM continues to utilize vital advances in industry and technology, as well as more innovative means of activating human creativity. In the fields of transportation, institutional, residential and commercial facilities design and development, JGM provides bold leadership and solid commitment to excellence.

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