JGM has chosen the path of high technology and integrate full computer technology for both the acquisition and processing of survey data.


As many other firms have struggled to integrate the field and mapping software needed for computer generated maps, we are and have been producing 100 percent computer acquired and generated maps for over twenty years.


JGM uses state of the art Trimble Robotic Total Stations for seamless electronic gathering of survey data. In addition to the total stations we also have the most current/advanced Trimble survey grade GPS equipment that makes use of both the US GPS satellites and the Russian GLONASS satellites for fast and accurate positioning. Jenkins/Gales & Martinez, Inc. owns all survey equipment for three field crews, including full size four wheel drive trucks and suburbans, computers, full size plotters, blackline printers and required Autocad software, with an investment totaling more than one half million dollars, in order to complete work accurately, quickly, and efficiently.


By working with Jenkins/Gales & Martinez, Inc., our clients have highly trained licensed surveyors working directly on both the field and office aspects of their project. By working with a photogrammetrist using digital equipment, we can also offer topographic maps that combine both ground surveys and photogrammetrically generated topography in a seamless and integrated computer generated map.

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