JGM’s Look is Evolving

We are thrilled to present our refreshed brand identity
Date: December 9, 2022
Category: Announcements

Announcing JGM’s New Look

We are thrilled to present our refreshed brand identity! With new colors, a brand-new logo, and a few less syllables in our name, we’re ready to represent all the progress and success we’ve made over the last 40 years through this evolution.

    For over a year, our CEO Ryan Gales has been working on the refresh and slight name change. Jenkins/Gales & Martinez is now JGM. Some of our clients and partners know us as Jenkins/Gales & Martinez, while others know us as JGM. By changing to JGM, we provide more consistency through our conversations, marketing, and communication. Plus, who doesn’t like less typing and spelling? “This helps us simplify while staying relevant and the acronym is the industry standard,” said Ryan.

    After 40 years, we’re ready for an updated color palette that is refreshed for today’s industry. Switching to a slate-inspired navy-blue color represents a strong foundation we base all our projects on. We also maintain a welcoming feel with a bright accent of yellow, representing the enjoyable experience of working with JGM Staff. And maybe that’s a little too philosophical for you, at the end of the day, we have updated colors that will look good in a variety of settings, and that help us stay relevant.

    “The look is more modern; it will give consistency to our brand guidelines, and allow us a fresh take on what we’re looking toward and building for the future,” said Ryan. “You don’t stay in business for over 40 years without evolving.”

    We also know that a fresh, modern visual identity communicates innovation and forward-thinking. To stay competitive in the industry, we’re constantly thinking about how to build a better future, and this new visual identity aids in that.

    JGM is very excited about this change holistically. What we’re most excited about this change is an opportunity to refresh everything visually. From our email signatures to new gear and updated website, we are rolling this out in each touchpoint of our business.

    While our look has changed and evolved, our services are continuing as established. While we grow to stay at the top of our game in the industry, we continue to provide top-of-class Architecture, Construction Management, and Program Management Services.

    Ryan and the JGM team acknowledge this change is very apropos. “There are a lot of big changes going on right now. Some planned, and others unexpected,” said Ryan referring to the passing of his father, our late Chairman Earl E. Gales, Jr. As CEO, Ryan has been at the helm of JGM for several years and had this in the works for over a year. The timing was very unexpected but is representative of a passing of the torch.

    JGM wants to thank Danica Hutchison and 716 Agency for their expertise in helping create, define, and deliver our new brand identity.