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by | Apr 20, 2023

5 Ways We’re Building the Future of Education in the Bay Area

When we think of the development of our modern urban landscape, we think of the development of places of education. A sector that JGM has become a leader in over the past few decades.

Over the last 20-plus years, JGM has made the construction of education centers a great priority. Our staff has a combined 60 years of experience and is familiar with every aspect from estimating, to construction management, to maintaining bond websites. Working with the rigorous state standards of building school facilities is what we excel at while building relationships with our clients and the agencies we coordinate with. 

We wanted to take a moment to walk you through five projects that prove our experience in construction projects that build the future of the Bay Area.

5 Examples of JGM’s Education Projects in the Bay Area

1 - Santa Rosa Garcia Hall

This project was recently completed in Fall of 2022 and completely redefined the way Santa Rosa Junior College students experience their time with the Communication Studies Department. JGM took on construction management for this modernization project that brought a 1930s building into the standards of a 21st-century learning center. 

Upgrades included a newsroom to hows the campus’s student-run newspaper, screening rooms for projects, and a media lab for the students. 

Typical to most education projects, this project was funded by a Bond Program voted on by community members. The Measure H Bond Program is a $410 Million program intended to upgrade facilities and update security and technology across the Santa Rosa Community College District. 

2 - San Jose City College Career Education Center

This project is pretty easy for us to get excited about. JGM is the Construction Manager for this flagship project funded by San Jose Evergreen Community College District Bond Measure X. Certainly welcoming the future, this building aims to be a LEED Platinum Net Zero facility with 85,000 square feet housing classrooms, computer labs, and program-specific labs for skilled workers. The building is designed by the architecture firm Steinberg Hart.

3 - West Contra Costa Unified School District

Right on the San Francisco Bay, this school district has been partnering with JGM since 2008. Bond programs 2010D and 2012E have helped fund our role in a variety of projects where JGM has assisted with contract management, design management, construction management, and program management. 

We’ve helped this district usher in the future with security updates, new buildings, and modernizations. 

4 - San Jose Jaguar Center

Part of building education centers in California also includes building facilities for their athletes. JGM recently concluded construction management services on San Jose City College’s Jaguar Center. The Measure Bond H program provided funds for a refurbishment of the existing track and football fields, and ADA upgrades to the facilities.

5 - Fremont Unified School District

This project served K-12 students near the Bay Area. JGM was able to manage the construction of a project with a quick turnaround. Needing to add learning space, Fremont USD contracted with JGM to provide Construction management on two pre-manufactured classroom buildings at Mattos and Azavada Elementary Schools. The projects started in June and finished in August. And despite some logistical delays due to HVAC equipment, the JGM team was able to bring this project to fruition with little to no changes from the original plans, within budget, and on time.

Each and every one of these education projects shows how JGM can provide the Bay Area with good school options for its community. We understand the risk the public takes when voting on bonds of such high value and deliver on their trust with state-of-the-art facilities and improvements to educate their students.

As you saw in this list, JGM’s Bay Area education construction work has ranged from modernization to brand-new buildings, to security and infrastructure updates. Our years of experience have helped us build the future for students throughout California, and we’re excited about growing our outreach in the Bay Area.

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