August F. Hawkins

Nature Park & Exhibit Center


 Los Angeles, CA


 Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority


 Architectural, Engineering


 $3.5 Million Program Wide



About this Project

The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) selected an eight and one half acre brown field owned by the Department of Water and Power for reclamation. The transformation of this asphalt-covered oil-well field provides South Los Angeles residents with access to a luscious wilderness area. Located on the site are five rolling artificial hills serving as habitats for regional native plant communities, fresh-water streams, walking trails, picnic areas, and 4,000-square foot exhibit space. JGM’s design team created a traditional craftsman style exhibit building for displaying natural artifacts teaching about environmental conservation and sustainability and hosting community lectures. The roof is covered with fiberglass reinforced concrete tiles resembling exterior slate veneer, is supported with exposed redwood trusses and the base is finished with gray river stones. Although the structure is composed of modern building materials, it still maintains a naturalistic appearance in harmony with its natural and community environment.