Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center – Master Plan

Master Plan


 Los Angeles, CA


 Los Angeles County Department of Health Services


 Planning, Architectural, Engineering


 $30 Million



About this Project

In the wake of the August 1965 “Watts Conflagration,” the report by the Governor’s Commission urged “immediate and favorable consideration…given to a new comprehensively equipped public hospital…in South Central Los Angeles.” Subsequently, the State Advisory Hospital and the Watts Health Advisory Committee determined there was a need for medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, emergency, outpatient, diagnosis and treatment, and ancillary/adjunct facilities. It was realized that attention was needed in regards to the development of a mental health facility, post-graduate medical school, residential facility and parking. In February 1969, the County of Los Angeles appointed Carey Jenkins, JGM founder, to prepare a Master Plan for the development of the acute unit, intern and resident physician’s dormitory, community mental health center, Drew Post Graduate Medical School, Clinical Sciences Unit and administrative, medical arts and childcare facilities. The award-winning plan was recognized by professional planning and architectural organizations.,