Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center

Parking Structure


 Los Angeles, CA


 County of Los Angeles


 Architectural, Construction Management


 $3.65 Million



About this Project

Site limitations and parking requirements for employees generated the need for a new 900 vehicle structure at Martin Luther King Jr./Charles Drew Medical Center. It was important that the structure remain incidental and not become a primary feature of the hospital. JGM was solely responsible for providing architectural design, civil engineering, and construction management services. The design concept gave priority to access, expansion capability, lighting, landscaping and aesthetic contribution to the complex as a whole were given special attention as part of the design concept. Safety lighting, venting and additional safety measures for pedestrians were also provided. Due to earthquake activity in Los Angeles County, the structure was designed and constructed to conform to the prevailing seismic design criteria with state-of-the-art design techniques. The firm was awarded design excellence awards from two professional